2017 Foundation Grant Highlights

“Arts on Stage” Grant Brings Theater & Creativity to Westbrook Park 2nd Grade Writing!

Arts on Stage Grant SkippyjonJonesThe students always love coming to the shows at the Upper Darby Performing Arts Center!  Here are some of their comments:

“Wow, I’ve never seen a show like that before!”
“I liked when Skippyjon Jones saved the princess. Her dress was sooo pretty!”
“It was cool when the dragon came up from behind the trees and scared everyone with his red eyes!”

The 2nd grade teachers also did some creative writing with their classes. Students used their imaginations to write and illustrate their own stories about Skippyjon Jones’ next adventure. 

“Healthy Heartbeats” at Aronimink Elementary

Healthy Heartbeats

Aronimink students would like to thank the Upper Darby Arts and Education Foundation for supporting our “Healthy Heartbeats” project.  Students will be wearing contact heart rate monitors during Physical Education class to better understand their heart rate and level of exertion when exercising. It is our desire to make consistent, lifelong physical activity a part of the Aronimink culture.  “Healthy Heartbeats” will follow our students throughout their year at Aronimink and into their adult lives.

3rd Grade Trip to Collenbrook

Collenbrook Grant 2017The Upper Darby School District third grade classes visit Collen Brook two classes at a time. The tours take place during April and May. The students are divided into 4 groups and rotate among 4 stations of 25 minutes each. These stations include viewing the barns and carriage house, touring the inside the house, churning butter, seeing the spring house and playing 19th century games on the lawn. UDAEF takes pride in the history of Upper Darby and passing it along to future generations.

Upper Darby After Prom

Pirates of the Caribbean 2017 The After Prom is a parent-led event following the Senior Prom. The theme for 2017? Pirates of the Caribbean!  At the After Prom, students have numerous things to do with carnival games, casino tables, a juggler, inflatable moon bounces & obstacle courses, swimming is also available so bring appropriate attire, watching a movie, playing in the game room, winning senior prizes, and having plenty of food to snack on. UDAEF recognizes the importance of keeping our UDHS seniors safe on Prom Night! 

Other 2017 Foundation Grants Included:

Teachers’ Toolboxes
Pay It Forward
24 Math
Hillcrest Courtyard Beautification
Peter Pan the Musical
Boardgame Club
Highland Park 2nd grade Field Trip
K-2 Literacy Initiative