Michael McDevittMichael McDevitt, Owner Full Range PT and Rehab Services

Mike was born and raised in Drexel Hill, going to St Charles and then Bonner. From there, he earned his Bachelors in Criminal Justice and Sociology, followed by his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Now Mike enjoys life with his wife, Nicole and two daughters, Devon and Michaela. As a team they founded Full Range Physical Therapy and Rehab Services, becoming one of the fastest growing private practices in the area. In 2015, they opened Full Range Drexel Hill and continue to be a part of the local community in any way possible!

Why Did Mike Want to Get Involved with UDAEF? “I joined UDEAF after learning about the Foundation from UDAEF Board Member, Tamara Crump. The more I learned about the great things the foundation does and how it is embedded in so many aspects of the Upper Darby community, the more I became interested. After meeting with Executive Director, Jen Schoener, I grew even more excited about the chance to give back to the community that has given me so much opportunity. I am excited to be a part of the Foundation and look forward to bringing my experience and passion to the team.