Maggie Fullmer

Living in Drexel Hill for nearly 16 years and having served as a UDAEF board member for the past five years, I am extremely impressed with the scope and magnitude of programs that our unique school district makes available for its students.

As a parent of three grown children, I am well aware of the importance of a solid academic education and the vital necessity of literacy, as well having opportunities to be exposed to and become a student of the arts and music. Cultural programs abound in our school district and our foundation seeks to further enhance these offerings and enable our children to experience a top notch, well-rounded education.

My professional career has always focused on senior living and health care, both from an administrative and marketing standpoint. I have always felt that caring for our elders is indeed a privilege as they are a cherished part of our society. I feel the same way about our youth; it is our duty, responsibility and, yes, our privilege to nurture and educate them as best we can, providing every possible resource so they may achieve their potential and even more so, their dreams. The UDAEF recognizes this obligation and embodies the commitment to help give our children the opportunities they deserve.