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Honor a UDSD Educator with a BRAVO Award while supporting the Upper Darby Arts and Education Foundation!

Has someone inspired your child to succeed in school?
Did someone have a positive effect on your life?
Did someone go the extra mile to assist you?

Show someone that they made a difference in your life!

Download a BRAVO Nomination Form!

A BRAVO Award is a great way to say thank you! Your special person will receive a letter of recognition, and a certificate to commemorate the distinction.

Can you imagine 100% literacy in the Upper Darby School District? Can you imagine every young student in every school reading by 1st grade? It can happen, but we need your help!

Your BRAVO Award donation will aid in the purchase and installation of vital technology in our K-2nd grade classrooms throughout the school district that will help our children learn to read. The initiative’s mission is to achieve 100% literacy.