Foundation Grant Application Process for Upper Darby School District:

  1. Develop your project/initiative.
  2. Make sure your project/initiative is consistent with the Foundation Grant Application Guidelines
  3. Complete and submit the application form to your school principal by April 15, 2021. Any applications submitted after the 04/15/2021 deadline will automatically be deferred until the following year. Download Foundation Grant Application here.
  4. Your school principal will review and approve/decline your proposed project and submit it to district administration for review.
  5. Upon District approval, the UDAEF Grants Committee will review all grant requests and forward to the UDAEF Board of Directors for funding.
  6. All applicants will receive notification of award decisions and funding (where appropriate) by early May.
  7. To complete the process and be eligible for future Foundation Grants, you will need to submit a Year End Grant Report. Appropriate documentation and photos should be attached, and forwarded to Allie Steele, UDAEF Administrator, no later than one year from the award date.

Examples of the previously funded grants may be viewed by clicking HERE.

All questions should be directed to Allie Steele, UDAEF Administrator at 610-394-1580,