Year Round Pop-Ups

The Foundation is expanding into year ‘round classes in music, performance arts and stagecraft. Plans for an exciting new arts education center in Barclay Square are also in the works for next year. Our intention is to bring great arts education, expanded access, and purposeful human connection to the area.


Until we can introduce you to our new place, look for our pop-up classes hosted by local libraries and community centers in your neighborhood!

Current Programs!

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“Our programs have deep roots in the community and people are drawn to the sense of belonging and connection they provide.”

UDAEF Education Director Rachel Brown

Parent Testimonials

Kate loved it. She learned new notes and she stated she learned more in two weeks than she did all year!
MusicMan Camp Parent
She’s gained confidence but, most importantly, she grew and matured from the experience. The experience allowed her to see new possibilities, and to try new ways of being— —-it’s like the sky has opened up. She stands taller, dreams bigger, and projects her voice further!
Summer Stage Parent
This camp energizes my child to play, participate, collaborate, interact with others and jump out of bed in the morning to get there, which he doesn't do for anything else.
MusicMan Camp Parent

Student Testimonials

The camp made me push myself which helped my confidence.
Jazz Jam Camp
I feel more confident in acting and dancing. Being myself and freely expressing my art and passion. Leading others to believe in themselves.
Summer Stager
Before camp I was terrified to solo. Now I'm only scared.
Jazz Jam Camper
I was playing with the big band, then suddenly I felt more cool and confident.
Jazz Jam Camper

What interests you?

Take our interest survey and tell us which classes you would like to see on our pop-up schedule: